We bring the re-fillable wine of the Melbourne markets to your door. The process is simple.

You may have met us at our stall at the Preston Market. We hope to bring the same fun and friendly service of that... to this!


1. Choose your wine and we will deliver it to your door for free (orders greater than $30, otherwise just $5). Wines are delivered boxed up in heavy-weight reusable cardboard boxes, and insulated when required. All our wines are direct from the producer and many are made by us in Melbourne's original urban winery.

2. Enjoy your wine. This is the really easy part, fair to say.

3. Notify us when you are ready to be refilled. Order your refills (selecting the refill option, securing $3 off a bottle) then leave your empty bottles in the box out the front and we will replace them for you. Your old bottles are not thrown out, instead they are hygienically stored in our warehouse and refilled for your next round.

4. Enjoy your wine again! Arguably this step is even easier than Step 2!!



I live in an apartment without an exchange point? We will make contact to find a convenient time with you for the hand-over.

Do I need to clean my bottles? Yes please, this is an important step as it makes the whole process work and stay great value! Just rinse twice with hot water. We refill your previous bottles so it is in your best interest anyway!

Do you refill sparkling bottles? No we can't but we will still give you the same discount if you return the bottle. We will use for brewing!!

What do I do if I already have bottles? If you already have bottles and have been a customer of us previously, we will deliver fresh bottles for your first delivery but store your old bottles and they will be refilled for you when you are ready for your next order.